The wet area of the bathroom—mainly the shower, tub, and surrounding areas that are most exposed to water on a daily basis—are the most important areas to focus on in a remodel. The reason is that the wet area is likely to contain the features that are most in need of repairs or replacements, due to heavy use and water damage. At Home Concepts Custom Remodeling, we’re experts in remodeling bathrooms of all kinds for homeowners in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Our focus is often centered directly on improving the wet area of our customers’ bathrooms, to upgrade these areas with better, longer-lasting materials and to improve the value of the home. For the most cost-effective and value-enhancing bathroom remodeling result, focusing on the wet area is one of the best and most impactful renovations to consider. In this guide, we’ll go over some of the important benefits of wet room remodeling for those in search of easy, affordable, and highly effective home renovation ideas.

The Wet Area: The Most Important Part of Your Bathroom Layout

Until something goes wrong with it, the bathroom rarely gets the respect it deserves as one of the most important rooms of the house. If your bathroom is aging, non-functional, unsightly, or deteriorating, it’s easier to understand why the bathrooms in your home are so impactful on the entire value of your property. 

If you’re considering a renovation of your bathroom, chances are that the biggest problem is your wet area. The wet area consists of the appliances and features that are designed to get wet, such as the shower and the bathtub. The older your home, or the cheaper its construction, the less likely it is that the materials your bathroom was made with are holding up over time. As the years pass, you may notice your bathroom becoming uglier and smellier, and harder to clean. 

Does My Wet Area Need Remodeling?

Focusing on the wet area of the bathroom by replacing outdated or deteriorating products with brand-new, better-designed and engineered ones can be an extremely impactful renovation project. If you’re on a budget and trying to decide which features will benefit the most from an upgrade, the wet area is your best bet for a highly successful result.

If you’re wondering how your existing products are holding up and whether they’d benefit from a wet area renovation, here are some of the signs that an upgrade could be necessary: 

  • Signs of Structural Damage: Structural damage can be a serious issue that could make your bathroom unsafe. Cracks in the walls, peeling paint, softening of materials, rotting frames and flooring damage are all signs of structural damage. If you’ve noticed these signs in your wet area, have a professional visit your home to inspect your bathroom for an evaluation.
  • Water-Damage: Look for peeling paint, stained walls, and rusting materials. These could also be signs of structural damage, so have your contractor perform an inspection to be sure. 
  • Mold and Mildew: Today’s best bathroom materials are engineered to resist mold and mildew growth. If you’ve found yourself constantly battling mold and mildew in your shower, bathtub, or on the walls and floors of your wet area, a replacement can resolve this for you.
  • Safety Concerns: Wet areas can be modernized to meet ADA standards for accessibility, or to upgrade with better safety features for those that need them. If your bathroom feels unsafe, with slippery floors and inaccessible shower and bathtub areas, upgrading the wet area with special products can be a huge benefit to you and your household. Look for information on no-slip flooring, walk-in shower and walk-in bathtub installations.
  • Small Bathroom Issues: If your bathroom layout is not ideal for daily use, improving the wet area can help. Research your options for tub-to-shower conversion to find out how you can streamline your bathroom’s wet area and maximize the space for a sleeker look and more comfortable usage.

Upgrade Today with Home Concepts Custom Remodeling

Investing in your bathroom area with a high-quality bathtub replacement, shower replacement, walk-in shower, or bath conversion can be an incredible way to invest in your home. Your first step towards a successful, affordable remodel is to find a reliable, trustworthy team of contractors that will help to customize your project to fit your needs as a homeowner—according to your specific tastes, preferences, and budget concerns. 

With so many options and designs to choose from, getting started with a wet area remodeling project can seem overwhelming. That’s why Home Concepts Custom Remodeling is proud to offer our award-winning services to homeowners throughout Phoenix that make the process easy, affordable, and satisfying. 

For more information about our products and installation services, give our team a call to discuss your plans for a more beautiful bathroom today. Or, if you’d like to get started now, fill out our online form to request a free, personalized quote in your home with one of our talented project coordinators.