When it’s time for a bathtub renovation, you might stumble across tub liners as a fast and affordable alternative to bathtub replacement.

Before you make the choice, ask yourself an important question. Why do you need a bathtub remodel?

If your current bathtub is unsightly, unsafe, or difficult to use, then you’ll want to go with a bathtub replacement. If you choose a bathtub liner instead, you might wind up facing those same problems once again.

More specifically, a tub liner places you at risk for the following:

Elusive Mold Growth

As the name suggests, bathtub liners are created to provide your current tub with a new surface. Liners are made from acrylic and glued onto the surface of your old tub. As the adhesive deteriorates, either due to faulty installation or years of use, moisture will seep in between the liner and the bathtub beneath. This moisture breeds mold. 

What’s worse is you will not notice that mold is growing until the growth is significant enough to spread out from your liner and become visible.

Trapped Water Puddles

Mold isn’t the only issue that results from adhesive failure. If enough water becomes trapped in between the liner and the tub, you will notice it every time you step into your bathtub; you will see and feel water sloshing around beneath the liner. This can lead to further mold growth, fall-related accidents, water damage, and further deterioration of your underlying bathtub.

Uneven and Uncomfortable Surface

Tub liners can be tricky to install unless you have the professional training to do so, and improper application creates an uneven surface. Not only will your bathtub look terrible, it won’t feel very comfortable either. This also provides risk for slip and fall injuries.

Access Denied

Bathtub liners are not senior-friendly. On top of the potential for falls, liners do not address the accessibility issues those with limited mobility face. If you want an easy-access bath that’s comfortable and made to improve bathing safety, then walk-in tubs provide a more practical solution.

Bathtub Replacement Offers Better Benefits

Tub liners might seem like a good idea on the surface, but a deeper look reveals hidden hazards that are not worth the little money you might save initially. Bathtub replacement provides a better style selection, greater quality, and the best long-term value overall.

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