Arguably, the number one pleasure homeowners experience is the ability to decorate and remodel their home as they see fit. Between changing the theme, upgrading with new textures, and infusing different styles into your present decor, there is no lack of options to take advantage of when it comes to transforming the look of your home. 

One of the easiest and most popular choices today is to add more color tones to the décor when considering a home remodel. In particular, white is an interesting concept used in an endless amount of ways—as a focus, backdrop, and even as an illusion to add more space and light to any area of the home. 

However, overuse of white tones can quickly become drab or boring, and white should be paired strategically with other colors to make the most out of any color scheme. At Home Concepts Custom Remodeling, we’re always eager to help homeowners come up with stunning designs for their home—which is why we’ve provided this guide for those looking for ways to add more white space to their home décor theme.

The Benefits of Adding White Space

First and foremost, white interior design is coveted for its ability to promote timeless, classic, or modern design. White is versatile in its application while denoting a sense of purity and tranquility that is unmatched by any other color. 

As we stated before, too much white can be overkill—and it’s important to use it sparingly and in strategic ways to avoid a major design disaster. White accents are an excellent idea and can be a fabulous way to achieve an effective color balance no matter your overall color scheme.

Here are some of the benefits of adding in white space into your home design theme: 

  • White Goes With Everything: White can be used anywhere, which includes the cabinets. Whether your kitchen or bathroom is done in a country motif or an ultramodern appearance, you can’t go wrong with white as your offset color. When used in a strategic way, white won’t underwhelm the room and will complement the visual appeal of your appliances and walls.

  • Brighten Up the Room: White will also help enhance the brightness of the room. Thanks to its natural bright tone, white reflects the light that streams in from the window, making your room light up during the day without needing lamps. Plus, white doesn’t absorb heat as much as dark colors, which means the kitchen and other areas stay cooler, even when cooking.

  • Adds a Sense of Space: White accents, such an accent wall, a door, or kitchen cabinets will give the illusion of more space in a room. If you have smaller spaces inside your home, you can make them seem bigger by adding in white space. 

White Cabinets and Storage

Whether in the bathroom, the kitchen, the family room, or anywhere else, white cabinets and storage furniture are an excellent touch to brighten up any space inside your home. White surfaces like cabinets will make your entire space seem cleaner, and can even make the area around them seem larger than it actually is. 

White Doors

A white doorway can stand in striking contrast to darker home exteriors, and pairs beautifully with a number of siding choices. A white doorway is also beneficial to your home’s energy-efficiency, as it can reflect sunlight and absorb less heat overall. This directly translates to a hack that saves you money on the electric bill.

White Window Frames

White window frames serve the same benefit as white doors in the sense they help reflect sunlight and lower heat absorption, which is partly why window replacement is a common project performed in the summer. However, where they really shine is their ability to blend in with your home’s exterior design. Whether your home is decked out in dark colors, light colors, or even white you can’t go wrong with white window frames. 

This color is considered timeless and classic for window frames and adds that final touch needed to take your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

Breaking Down the Bathroom

The bathroom is unique amongst all of the rooms in the home. A common design choice is to have white from the walls to the bathtub. However, there are things to consider when designing a white bathroom to keep the room feeling fresh instead of stale.

  • Flooring: White flooring is usually tile or marble. For budget purposes, consider a tile that resembles marble. Those light-colored veins in the tile will help break up the sea of white the tile would otherwise have. This keeps the room looking clean without making it feel like a hospital.

  • Vanity Area: The vanity area is where you wash your hands, look at yourself in the mirror, and house various important items. The sink, mirror frames, and handles are likely to be framed in a metal color. The easiest way to make those fixtures shine is to set it against a neutral white vanity. White quartz is a popular option for those that choose white for their vanity area.

  • Bathing: Whether it’s a shower or a bathtub, you can make the white stand out. With a shower, consider a frameless shower tiled in white for the most dramatic visual effect. Consider adding touches of light gray to add dimension if desired. When it comes to a bright white bathtub, opt for a freestanding tub in modern or an old-fashioned, claw foot design for the most striking appearance possible.

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