If you’ve found that getting into or out of your tub or shower has become a major hassle, it might be time to consider your options for increasing the accessibility in your bathroom. Some of these options will involve a significant upgrade in your bathroom; others are as simple as adding some basic accessories. No matter which route you go, local bathroom remodeling companies can work with you to find the best solution for you and your home.

Let’s explore a few options that will make your bathroom more user friendly.

1. Invest in a Walk-In Tub

Entering a tub is one of the hardest (and riskiest) things to do for a person with limited mobility. Make the process easier by investing in a walk-in tub, which looks very similar to a classic bathtub, except that it’s outfitted with a door that allows you to walk right in. No more stepping over the wall of the tub and trying to get your footing on a slippery surface!

The best feature of walk-in tubs is that unlike showers, you still get to soak in an enclosed tub, thanks to a watertight door. Plus, hydrotherapy options such as therapeutic air and whirlpool jets are common with walk-in tubs, and the excessive depth of these tubs allows for healing and relaxation as you are submerged in water.

2. Opt for a Walk-in Shower

Sometimes called low-barrier showers, walk-in showers are similar to walk-in baths in that they eliminate the need to step over a tub. Typically, only a slightly raised threshold will need to be crossed in order to enter the shower. A walk-in shower can be outfitted with grab bars and shower seats, too, making for an easier, safer bathing experience.

3. Upgrade to a Universal Access Shower

With no barrier at all between the floor and the shower, universal access showers make entering a breeze. Simply walk in and shower, and walk out when you’re done. It’s as simple as that! Homeowners with modern tastes tend to like their spa-like look and feel, too. A glass enclosure can make the space feel more spacious and open as well.

4. Invest in Bath Accessories Like Handheld Showers, Grab Bars, and Shower Seats

Suppose you already have a shower or bath that works well for you, but you just want to tweak the setup to make the process of bathing a bit easier. Bathroom remodeling companies can install various features to help. Grab bars, for example, can be installed on the wall near your tub or shower to give you some support and help prevent falls. Handheld showers allow you better control of water flow and allow for seated bathing. Have a seat installed in your bath or shower so that you’re not forced to stand.

5. Consider the Other Elements of Your Bathroom

Once your bath or shower is made fully accessible, you’ll want to consider whether the other elements of your bathroom are easy to use. For example, a taller toiler may allow greater comfort and access, in which case, a thicker toilet seat or a platform can be installed. Hands-free faucets make washing hands easier, as no tight grip is needed. And light switches can be lowered and upgraded so that no pinching motion is required.

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