When it comes to bathroom remodeling, the style, colors, and patterns you choose can be just as important as the quality of the products you select for the transformation. Whether you’re seeking an update what you already have or planning a complete bathroom makeover, it’s a good idea to spend plenty of time on the design. 

At Home Concepts Custom Remodeling, our design experts go above and beyond to help our customers find the perfect design options for their bathroom renovations. Among our catalog of superior quality products for bathroom redesigns, we’re excited to reveal the new Impression Series from Luxury Bath—a collection worth looking into for those hoping to find the perfect look for their bathroom remodels.

Making a Lasting Impression

We are happy to announce the release of the exclusive Impressions Series from Luxury Bath. This series combines the durability and lack of maintenance that acrylic brings with the look of Italian ceramic brick tiles for a truly beautiful bathroom presentation. 

The new series boasts new contemporary patterns that invoke an upscale feel, with stunning color and trim options to ensure your next bathroom-remodeling project is a complete success.

The new patterns are as follows:

  • Cobblestone: Designed to mimic the natural look of a standard brick wall, this layout is perfect for blending refined elegance with rugged beauty. Consider pairing this layout with bronze or sand color accents for a more natural look, or keep it cool and modern with gray or white backdrops. For an extra twist, consider a bold grout line in a contrasting color choice.

  • Hopscotch: Often considered similar to a pinwheel in design, the key to this style is the use of smaller tile at the corners of a larger square to create a bold visual effect. This style is perfect for smaller bathrooms since it adds dimension to your space. For this layout, consider a white or gray color backed by a strong accent color or grout color that captures the attention.

  • Roman Block: This layout is similar to the cobblestone pattern, but with wider brick pieces making up the design. This wider design pays homage to the classic Roman style while remaining modern enough to keep the bathroom from feeling dated. With this option, it’s best to stick to white accents and off-white touches for a classic look. However, the versatility of this style allows for a variety of design pairings, such as the tan or beige Sierra Sand colors, or a Mesa Verde trim pattern for striking contrast.

  • Milano: It’s apparent that when it comes to tile patterns, long and skinny is in. This is undoubtedly true when you consider the popularity of the Milano layout from our Impressions Series. These long, thin tiles are laid vertically instead of horizontally. This unique look is perfect for adding more height perception to the bathroom and pairs wonderfully with our Canyon Rock or Sandalwood color scheme, thanks to the natural patterns within the color.

  • Millstone: This style is perhaps one of the most modern takes on bathroom tile since the design is completely uniform. Every single piece is exactly the same and stacked on top of each other for a uniform grout line throughout. This approach pairs beautifully with our Arctic Ice color palette thanks to its neutral color and natural pattern. Add a pure white or dark gray grout line to really take your layout to a beautiful level.

  • Flagstone With Diamond Accents: This is our cobblestone-style pattern, only with a diamond-accented trim for that extra touch of elegance. Finish the look with a solid white grout line to help the diamond pattern stand out.

  • Subway Tile: This look is practically timeless and isn’t going away thanks to the high degree of customization present with this option. The best way to utilize subway tile is with an offset pattern wrapped in our Pueblo Trim style. This layout is also popular because nearly every color works with this style. This versatility means that you can better match the rest of the bathroom with your existing or new décor. Alternatively, consider a wilder color scheme that stands out as a showpiece from the rest of the bathroom.

For any bathroom-remodeling project, you should consider professional bathroom contractors like the ones at Home Concepts Custom Remodeling. Our expert installers work closely with our customers to find the perfect designs at the best prices on the market—for the high-quality, beautiful bathroom results you want at an affordable price.

To find out more about our services, including our one-day bathroom remodels, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Give us a call to speak with a representative now, or fill out our online form for a free. In-home pricing estimate and design consultation. See the Impressions Patterns in detail on our Gallery page.